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The Inflector transforms words from singular to plural, class names to table names, modularized class names to ones without, and underscore to camelCase etc. We mostly access Inflector functions statically as we required functions to be accessible globally.

Singularize String

 echo Inflector::singularize('movies'); // will print movie

 echo Inflector::singularize('products'); // will print product

Pluralize String

 echo Inflector::pluralize('movie'); // will print movies

 echo Inflector::pluralize('product'); // will print products

Camelize String

Underscore to camelCase String.

  echo Inflector::camelize('user_info'); // will print userInfo

Getting Class Name From Namespace

 echo Inflector::getClassName('\Apps\Models\User'); // will print "User"

DeCamelize String

 echo Inflector::camelize('userInfo'); // will print user_info

Converting String To Table Name

 echo Inflector::tabilize('UserInfo'); // Class Name to Table Name. Will print "user_info"

Classify The String

Will convert underscore or hyphen to class name as below.

 echo Inflector::classify('user_info'); // Will print "UserInfo"
 echo Inflector::classify('user-info'); // Will print "UserInfo"

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