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Welcome to Cygnite Framework

A Modern PHP Framework For Web Developers

Why you'll love Cygnite Framework.

Cygnite packed with various awesome features to make your development very simple and enjoyable. You may be beginner or advance professional, Cygnite welcome you all way.

  • Cygnite uses lazy loading extensively. Which gives you excellent performance with or without any caching mechanism.

  • You may be beginner or advance professional, Cygnite is powerful enough for any kind of users.

  • Cygnite is powered by awesome tool Composer. You may plug and play with third party libraries into Cygnite from Packagist.

Cygnite Framework Is Best for You if..

  • You need an lightweight framework
  • You need exceptional performance
  • You want to develop application on deadline
  • You like simple, easy to use, and well documented framework.
  • Don't want to spend lot of time on configuring things
  • You need a framework to plugin third party libraries.
  • You don't want to spend lot of time on writing crud operation
  • You are not interested on adding large scale libraries into your application
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