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Install and Configuration

No complicated xml/yaml configuration files. Simply install latest software via composer, configure your database connection in src/Apps/Configs/database.php and you are ready to start your awesome application.

Installing Composer

Cygnite Framework is powered by Composer for managing it's dependencies. So before using Cygnite please make sure you have composer installed into your system.

The best and recommended way to install Cygnite Framework is download composer.phar to your root directory where you want to install or move composer move it to usr/local/bin to composer use globally in your system (Linux Machine). For windows users please download composer and install composer setup.

Installing Cygnite Framework

You may install Cygnite Framework either simply downloading skeleton application from github repository and issuing below command (Terminal / Command Prompt) from the project root directory.

 cd /var/www/cygnite/

 composer install  

or install using composer create project. Composer installation is more convenient and recommended.

Using Composer Create-Project

Open your terminal (Command prompt window for windows) and change to root directory, where you want to install Cygnite.

Create Project From: v1.3x

composer create-project cygnite/cygnite-application=1.3.* cygnite --prefer-dist


composer.phar create-project cygnite/cygnite-application=1.3.* cygnite --prefer-dist

Create Project From Latest Version

 composer create-project cygnite/cygnite-application cygnite

The above command will create a skeleton project into the root directory. Congrats! you are ready to build your awesome application.

[Note:If you don't specify the version on create project command composer will install latest development version.(v2.0).]

Server Requirements

The Cygnite Framework has a very few system requirements:

# PHP >= 5.4x

# MCrypt PHP extension

# PDO extension must be enabled

# PHP CLI must be enabled for running console commands.

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