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Cygnite Framework has powerful namespace import. You can import your libraries, helpers via namespaces.

Why Namespaces ?

Every Class should have namespace in top of the page after your php tag. You can easily avoid your name collision. Your namespace should be MixedCase. Example-


 "Cygnite\Pdf" is allowed but "Cygnite\PDF" not be proper.

Namespace Aliases

You should follow below patterns while aliases -

i. You can import libraries or class by


use Cygnite\AssetManager\Asset; // Your alias is Asset



  use Cygnite\Common\UrlManager\Url; // Your alias is Url  



use Cygnite\Common\Encrypt as Crypt; //Your alias is Crypt 


Autoload with Namespaces

Cygnite Framework allows you to autoload all your classes by namespace aliases. Cygnite powered by composer. Meaning that composer autoloader helps to autoload all your classes.

Available Namespaces

Current version of Cygnite Framework has below namespaces.

Asset Manager

Asset manager used to manage all your asset js, css files etc.

//Asset Manager
use Cygnite\AssetManager\Asset;
use Cygnite\AssetManager\AssetCollection;


Base includes Event manager and Router

use Cygnite\Base\EventHandler\Event;
use Cygnite\Base\Router\Router;


Cygnite various caching mechanism.

use Cygnite\Cache\Storage\Apc;
use Cygnite\Cache\Storage\Redis;
use Cygnite\Cache\Storage\MemCache;
use Cygnite\Cache\Storage\Memcached;
use Cygnite\Cache\Storage\FileCache;

Common Namespaces

use Cygnite\Common\CookieManager\Cookie;
use Cygnite\Common\SessionManager\Session;
use Cygnite\Common\SessionManager\Flash\FlashMessage;
use Cygnite\Common\UrlManager\Url;
use Cygnite\Common\Encrypt;
use Cygnite\Common\Input;
use Cygnite\Common\Mailer;
use Cygnite\Common\Pagination;
use Cygnite\Common\Security;

Database Namespaces

use Cygnite\Database\Cyrus\ActiveRecord;
use Cygnite\Database\ConnectionManagerTrait;
use Cygnite\Database\Table\Schema;
use Cygnite\Database\Migration;

IoC Container

// Dependency Injection
use Cygnite\Container\Container;

Exception Handler & Dubugger

// Exception and Dumper
use Cygnite\Exception\ExceptionHandler;

Form Builder

//Form Builder
use Cygnite\FormBuilder\Form;


//Cygnite Foundation
use Cygnite\Foundation\Application;


use Cygnite\Helpers\Config;
use Cygnite\Helpers\Inflector;
use Cygnite\Helpers\Profiler;

Widget Views

// Widget View
use Cygnite\Mvc\View\Widget;

Proxy - Static Resolver

// Proxy - Static Resolver
use Cygnite\Proxy\StaticResolver;
use Cygnite\Proxy\Resolver;


use Cygnite\Validation\Validator;


use Cygnite\Reflection;

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