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Contribution to Cygnite Framework


Contribute to Cygnite Framework

Get Involved!

Cygnite Framework is open source software meaning anyone can contribute on the development and it's progress. Cygnite Framework is currently hosted on GitHub. If you would love to be a part of Cygnite Framework to find yourself in better place where you will get recognized, we are here to welcome you in our active team. No matters you are expert or not, you can help us different ways.

Write and Talk about Cygnite Framework

You like the developer friendliness of Cygnite Framework, just help us to spread the word by writing and talking about Cygnite Framework.

Spend short time, write an article or blog about the features and development experience with Cygnite Framework.

Share in social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter), speak about it and let us know if we can add any features via request in GitHub. Simply create an issue in GIT Hub subject {Request For New Feature}. We will review and do necessary changes.

Post and provide your ideas to make it better.

Join the active team, learn, grow, get help, help others, find and report bugs,send feedback, write patches and send across us.

Found Typo ? Want to improve documentation ? Just fork and edit it.

Contributing in Core

We do mistakes, stands up and coming with new solutions to serve you better way. You can help us in fixing bugs, creating unit test on the code and describing the bugs in detail to resolve the issue asap. You can also fork the repository, create a new branch for fixes, write a patch file (Git format patch) and send across us.

Contributing in Testing

We are under active development. You may find some issue or small mistakes. Found Bug ? You can raise a ticket in GIT Hub issue tracker with appropriate subject, but before posting please check if issue is already not exists. You can also send major issue directly via email to me to make it resolve immediately.

Improve Documentation

This is another best way to start contributing to Cygnite Framework. If you find a typo or unclear wording, you may explain it better, than please feel free to submit in issue tracker. You can also actively participate on documentation by Git hub repository.

We always welcome ideas which can help us to grow.

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