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Cygnite PHP Framework - Simple yet powerful

Cygnite is a high performance web application framework and gives you creative experience of developing dynamic web applications. Cygnite is dead simple and easy to kick start with it's beautiful user guide. Since cygnite framework uses lazy loading concept, it gives you exceptional performance. It won't include any file until object created for first time, and database connection are made only when you create a instance of your model.

Cygnite is very simple yet powerful. It is a powerful tool which helps you development better and faster. Cygnite packed with lot of classes to reduce your development time by using common tasks as Scaffolding, Form Builder, Secure Session, Powerful Routing Mechanism, Cyrus ActiveRecord ORM, Schema Builder, Migration, Localization, Powerful Exception handler, Logging and many more without sacrificing performance.

Cygnite framework's cyrus orm was inspired by Ruby on Rails implementation and therefore borrows many of its conventions and ideas. You may find lot of static syntax but don't worry Cygnite uses mostly proxy to access your class object, your objects are dynamically accessed.

The aim is to provide user friendly MVC architecture with simple and expressive syntax to make developer's job easier.

Performance Benchmark

Cygnite framework perform better as it loads only classes you need. The performance benchmark done by well known Techempower team against other full stack PHP frameworks filtering out C based framework & micro frameworks.

Plain PHP

Single Query

Multiple Queries

Fortune Tests

JSON Response

Learn Cygnite Framework

Many developers ignores frameworks due to the complexity and poor user guide of the framework. The complexity & poor user guide makes developer's job really difficult to kick start the development in a short span of time. Our goal is to provide you light weight, simple, powerful and clean framework without sacrificing the performance of the framework. No matters you are experienced or entry level programmer, you will find very easy to start with Cygnite. Cygnite's craft console is very handy to generate code for you. You may also find the example crud application code shipped with skeleton application. Cygnite Framework has expressive user guide to quick start your next awesome application.


Cygnite Framework was created by Sanjoy Dey , who is the lead developer of the framework. You also can find other creative contributors here, also you may find previous contributors. We are still trying to include best features into it. Give us hand if you are interested to build Cygnite Framework together and better.

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