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Welcome To Cygnite PHP Framework


  • Created to Make A Better Web

    No more configuring things. Cygnite comes with out of box configuration. Expressive, beautiful syntax make you to love code. Composer powered, allow you to plug in third party packages.

  • High Performance PHP Framework

    Better Performance

    Cygnite gives exceptional performance because of it's lazy loading mechanism. Cygnite only loads the features that you need.

  • Composer Powered

    Cygnite is powered by awesome tool Composer . You can plug in third party packages into your application with ease.

  • Time-Saving Powerful Tools

    Don't want to spend more time? Cygnite provide you powerful Craft tool for painless development. You create database, Cygnite will generate php code for you. Migration allow you to build database version control with ease, create resourceful controllers to respond to REST request.

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